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When two stories become one, something wonderful happens.

The Italian meets the Indian, a storm of flavours explode, and love fills the air with a light sweetness. A beginning unfolds. A new page is written.

This is a story of keeping the tradition alive in a modern kitchen, of childlike curiosity, nostalgia, and inherited talents. 

This is a story that happened when the universe conspired and brought two people from different corners of the world, to create something unique and delightful.

Kaveer, a Bombay bred entrepreneur of varied interests and founder of Groove Temple Entertainment & Mirella, apart Sicilian part Venetian jewellery designer from Padua – met in Mumbai, and combined their love for food and desserts into a single entity – Dolcemi; (which roughly translated stands for "sweet to me") - Mumbai and Bandra's first true blue Italian pasticceria.

Mirella’s love for desserts was born in the kitchen of her two grandmothers Nives in Padua and her namesake Mirella in Sicily, as they whisked, whipped and created the most glorious confectioneries and baked delicacies whose fragrant aroma remains ingrained in her memory to this day. In a simple twist of fate, she discovered the recipes of her adored grannies preserved in a notebook with her name on it. Oh, the joy of this heirloom knew no bounds. She travelled to Mumbai soon after and met Kaveer.

Kaveer’s father Taro was the perfect food connoisseur - founded a popular chain of delicatessens at the age of 18, someone whose entire being would sparkle at the thought of creating unique gastronomical experiences. He was a merchant of wines and spirits, an entrepreneur with interests ranging from farming and cheese making, an exceptional home cook and a graciously generous soul whose unmatched love for food was most definitely inherited by his son. The cakes of childhood, as Kaveer fondly remembers and his favourite Cordon Bleu chocolate walnut cake that he loved, were decadent and Bombay’s best – home baked from the soul by lovely Parsi aunties. The need to recreate that taste of memories remains a driving force behind creating Dolcemi’s perfect desserts.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that when these two met, sparks flew. As they say, you only meet people in your life that you are supposed to meet. Passionate conversations about food, their shared childhood stories & immense love for desserts morphed into a brand and a business venture.

In Kaveer’s own words – “I didn't know then but over the years I worked on food packaging for flight kitchens, consulting for a desserts chain and travelling the world to curate bespoke lifestyle events with some of the best of chefs would all suddenly come in very handy.”

As Mirella sums up – “Behind Dolcemi there is a beautiful story. The story of two families from two completely different parts of the world, with a common passion for food. Proof that if something is truly and genuinely good, it can go beyond the barriers of a single country.”

Thus Dolcemi took its first steps in this world. A truly original dessert brand that brings a slice of the warm comfort of an Italian kitchen to India. A brand that honours tradition and family bonds & uses the most authentic ingredients to give you a fabulous gourmet dessert experience. A brand that blends the adored hug of a granny with mature sophistication. A brand with the timeless taste of goodness.


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Photo Credit: Parhad Goghavala