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A true-blue epicurean with magic in his hands, my late father Tara would often recreate for us at home, dishes that he had liked at a restaurant. Forever indulging his guests with personally cooked meals, his absolute love for desserts was clear and pampering toddlers with chocolate with a twinkle in his eye, led to him being called Chocolate Uncle!

In 1947 Tarachand Shahani left his birth city, Karachi, then undivided India to arrive in Bombay amidst much turmoil and unrest, an aftermath of the partition which displaced thousands of lives. Tara was chosen at the age of 18 to be the pathfinder for the family. Despite the hardships, he setup a delicatessen - Shalimar Cold Storage on Hill Road in Bandra. Adding more locations thereafter, the one on Pedder Road was the most popular and also featured a wine shop.

Over a span of two decades, spent curating luxury experiences and collaborating with some of the most talented chefs world over, it quickly became clear that I had inherited his extraordinary passion for gastronomy and nothing but the best.

Using only the finest handpicked ingredients to create a selection of cakes, cookies and desserts, Dolcemi is an ode to his love for fine food.

Kaveer Shahani 

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