Also known as Cantuccini, these traditional biscotti were originally made in Tuscany with almonds and is perfectly paired with coffee. Eggless versions can be pre-ordered.


Almond Biscotti

100 Gms - Rs.250


Our bestseller tiramisu is made with a traditional family recipe and needs to be pre-ordered a day prior. Contains egg, alcohol free.

Traditional Tiramisu

400 ML - Rs.900
800 ML - Rs.1650
1200 ML - Rs.2400



Our signature soft dough pastry that is also found in many a Sicilian pasticceria. Though originally made from almonds, our pistachio pastine is highly recommended. These treats are made from house made almond and pistachio flour and are naturally gluten-free. Eggless versions can be pre-ordered.


Almond Pastine

100 Gms - Rs.350

Chocolate Cake

Our moist chocolate cakes are made with Belgian Dark Chocolate and are naturally eggless.


Dark Chocolate Walnut Cake

1 Kg - Rs. 2000


Our melt in the mouth truffles made from roasted African cocoa bean, Belgian dark chocolate and are best enjoyed at room temperature.


Dark Chocolate & Orange Truffles

100 Gms - Rs.400

Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Truffles

100 Gms - Rs.500 
Sugar Free



Baci Di Dama

Baci di Dama or "ladies kisses" originated in Piedmont in the 1800's. Our baci are made from a very precious heirloom recipe that has been handed down five generations. These buttery hazelnut eggless baci are made out of two small cookies reminiscent of two lips kissing, united by chocolate.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

100 Gms - Rs.250

Decadent and delicious, our premium Belgian dark chocolate chip cookies are best enjoyed when served warm.


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