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Italian Kitchen

Dolcemi is a truly original pasticceria based in Bandra, Mumbai that brings a slice of the warm comfort of an Italian kitchen to India. We only use the most authentic ingredients to give you a fabulous gourmet dessert experience with the timeless taste of goodness.


Our Best Picks

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Roasted Almond


Chocolate Truffles

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Dark Chocolate & Walnut Cake

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Hazelnut Kisses


Word on the Street


Hitesh J

"Dolcemi - you guys are the best and undisputed champion for Italian desserts.
Flavours in each of your product are so
awesomely balanced, texture and appearance is so classy. I was immensely impressed with the care that went into packaging. You deserve a perfect 10. Keep it up."

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Photo Credit: Parhad Goghavala