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Derived from Pasticcio, which means pastry in Italian.

Dolcemi is a truly original pasticceria based in Bandra, Mumbai that brings a slice of the warm comfort of an Italian kitchen to India. We only use the most authentic ingredients to give you a fabulous gourmet dessert experience with the timeless taste of goodness.


Our Best Picks

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Biscotti di Prato


Chocolate Truffles

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Tiramisu Gusto Originale

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Dark Chocolate & Walnut Cake

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Soft Dough Cookies

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Word on the Street


Hitesh J

"Dolcemi - you guys are the best and undisputed champion for Italian desserts.
Flavours in each of your product are so
awesomely balanced, texture and appearance is so classy. I was immensely impressed with the care that went into packaging. You deserve a perfect 10. Keep it up."

Why pre-order?

Cakes & Desserts take hours to make and we make every single order from scratch to ensure that you can enjoy the best tasting experience. Our ingredients are carefully handpicked to meet one single criteria of taste. In our test kitchen we do repeated trials to achieve a balanced taste with the best possible ingredients.


How to order

Call us on +919029017000 to order